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Now, here comes the easy part.
So with the "pictures" of the website that your company wants to create in the previous week, the web designers usually will hand over the process to the web developers.
As if the name didn't give it away, the web developers develop the static non-existent website into a fully functional website for your business.
They will use codes like HTML, PHP, CSS, etc to develop the website.
More often than not they will also use tools like a Content Management System (CMS), like WordPress, to aid in the process.
This CMS usually is use to give non-website savvy users, like business owners and other approved employees, to access the backend of the website to upload new content like product pictures, services, etc, all without knowledge of code and without disturbing the basis code of the website.
And interestingly, website developers also have long standing relationships with website hosting providers like GoDaddy where you go get your domain name, i.e. yourbusinessname.com; and host your website on the web.
Think of hosting as the (cyber) land that your website as a home.
So your website needs to be hosted with a hosting provider, in order for your product, information, services, etc to "live in". 
So why did we bring this up? 
As with any long standing relationship, that also means discounts.
And discounts for website developer means that they get better functionality, and better prices which can be passed on to prospects or clients that requires website services.
If that is not the case, then on the other hand, you may want to know that since hosting providers have their own products too, these products can be used to better manage your website.
This is what GoDaddy provides for their website developers: tools.
Unless you are registered with them as a developer, you don't get access to this tools as business owners.
Lucky for you, we are part of that program.
But what if you do not have enough staff in-house to even manage the uploading?

Find out here on how we can help with the process.

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